Monday Already?!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Our weekend was so great, but it went so fast! While I catch up with email and everyone’s posts, here is a pic I took on our way to a beautiful winery in Haymarket, Virginia (only about 1 hour from Washington, DC)

My dad loves red wine (well pretty much exclusively Merlot), but he had never done a tasting before so it was really fun to surprise him with a visit to a winery and to see him do a tasting (“Only the reds, please.” -my dad). Sure enough we ended up getting a bottle of Merlot after the tasting and enjoying the beautiful weather and live music for the rest of the afternoon.. such a perfect day!

20 thoughts on “Monday Already?!

  1. I’m so happy it was such beautiful weather this weekend for your visit to the winery! Reds are good…Joe brought home a bottle of Blackstone that same night you told me about it but he picked up Pinot Noir. Can’t wait to try it!

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend and we’ll have to do lunch this week!


  2. OMG Annie that was such a sweet surprise! I would do anything to go on a wine tasting with your Dad! Must have been amazing!!!!
    Im so happy you guys had the best weekend!!!

  3. It sounds like you had the most amazing weekend with your Dad! Something so special about visiting wineries, hope your new week is off to a great start! (Oh, love the photo too, feels so vintage-y :)).

  4. What a beautiful picture!! What kind of setting is that? It looks like the corners are darker and has an “old-time pic feel”….very cool!

  5. I love Palmer! We didn’t go there this time. Only went to Bedell and Raphael and one other one but I forgot which one now. How amazing that you got married at a winery. I was torn between winery, beach or city wedding. I did the NYC thing but I want to do it over again at the two other places :) xoxo

  6. Weekends are always too short! I didn’t get nearly as much done this weekend as I had hoped. I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t have plans this upcoming weekend so I’ll be able to relax and catch up with my to-do list! I love this photo, it’s really beautiful. This looks like such a tranquil place!

  7. Wow you took that beautiful picture? I LOVE going to wineries…by far one of my favorite things to do on vacation. It’s so much fun to try the wines at local wineries–sometimes wine you cannot even find in stores.

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