Favorite Natural Moisturizers

It’s always important to keep our skin well hydrated, but now that the weather is turning cooler for many of is, it’s especially important (and challenging) to keep dry skin away.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite body moisturizers. I now have my sister in love with the Shikai Gardenia lotion too. Are you a fan of any of these or do you have some other natural favorites?

Shikai (around $7.99)

I especially adore the Gardenia (it truly smells JUST like the flower), but there also a lot of other fun scents (yuzu, honeysuckle, etc)

Hugo Naturals (around $10.99)

This lotion is SO rich without being greasy. The Shea Butter & Oatmeal is such a delicious and comforting scent.

Rainbow Research Inc. (around $7.99)

Best choice for really sensitive skin!

Dr. Hauschka (around $12.99)

So rich and perfect for dry, winter hands! Specifically helps to keep the appropriate pH balance of skin.

Desert Essence (around $8.99)

Can’t forget the feet! Often one of the hardest areas to keep moisturized, but this foot cream does wonders. And it’s pistachio – a fun & unique scent!

16 thoughts on “Favorite Natural Moisturizers

  1. I am so bad with moisturizing but I know I should start use a good cream daily..The Shikai one sounds so lovely

    Ps: I’m hosting a sweet t-shirt GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)

  2. Yaay for Shikai gardenia!! I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME. It’s never greasy but provides perfect moisture and has such a refreshing smell.

  3. Hi Jessica! All of them are usually sold at most Whole Foods! I know that the Clarendon WF has everything here minus the unscented lotion from Rainbow, but they do have Rainbow’s baby products, which are also great for anyone with sensitive skin.

  4. Ooh, I always wanted to try the Shikai and Dr. Hauschka stuff! The smell of gardenias is one of my favorite scents ever (reminds me of the tropics) – you’re so inspiring me to get through my to-do list these days! :)

  5. i need to be better about moisturizing every day….:S i recently saw a youtube video about how many harmful chemicals are in beauty products and they arnt regulated. definitely got me thinking about trying to buy more natural products

  6. Hi Annie! Okay I was so happy to open this because the wind is blowing and it is dry and cool here. Whenever the heat has to be turned on it is dry skin city. Blech.

    So happy you listed these and that I can prolly find them at Whole Foods. I’m going to check Sprouts, too. Thanks!!


  7. The HUGO naturals looks divine… and yes, it’s that time of year again! It’s so hard to keep skin moist with the forced air heat and we have a humidifier on our system! I vaguely remember your post on chap stick but that’s another necessity, especially for little people!


  8. The pistachio foot repair sounds wonderful! I’m slathering up my belly with just about anything I get my hands on these days… I hear just plaine jane olive oil is wonderful for avoiding stretch marks though. So I’m about to try that too.

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