18 thoughts on “Control Shine Naturally

  1. No way?! I am going to try it right now:)

    Btw: I always wanted to ask you which of the yogi teas you drink? I really love them too:)

    Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my tee and tote Giveaway!

  2. This post was written for me, off to rummage my cupboard for some good black tea! (If tea can work wonders for my morning-time emotional state, why not my physical state too :))

  3. Great page today and I see Sarah Fetchet was on, but when I hit like again it didn’t register.. there might be more then you know hitting that like….I love my Nature’s Gate herbal.. very reasonable cost and no heavy scent, which I can’t go to sleep with even on my hands.. Love You XXXXXXXX OOOOOOOO I’m going to try again after commenting… XXXX OOOOO

  4. Ha! simple isn’t it? I also learned something about black tea. You can steep it for a few minutes and then when you apply it to your lips, it helps to raise the moisture level in the lips.

    Strange huh?

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