Naturally Soothe a Sunburn

I know it’s a little late for a sunburn tip, but there’s still sunny weather in some parts of the world plus there’s always those tropical vacations! Next time you catch a few too many rays, try this natural remedy – apply a washcloth soaked in cold black tea to the sunburned areas. The tannic acid from the tea will calm the inflammation and some studies say it even helps prevent cancerous cells from forming. After applying the tea compress, cover the tender spots in an all natural aloe vera gel (it shouldn’t be neon green) or even better, break off the leaf of a live plant.


20 thoughts on “Naturally Soothe a Sunburn

  1. Oh, we used to grow aloe vera and I’ve so many childhood memories of breaking off the live plant for our sunburns! (Sigh, I’m afraid we got a bit too many of those in Hawaii). Great tips and a perfect reminder!

  2. I didn’t know about black tea helping a sunburn! I’m going to try this next time. My mom used to have an aloe vera plant and we’d break off the leaves and use that for sunburns and it was so much better than the bright green kind in the store.

  3. yet another fab use for tea (nectar of the gods!). if only i had had this information in high school…now i slather on so much screen for fear of the dreaded wrinkles!!


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