Spice of the Season – Cinnamon

This is the time of year that we probably consume our greatest amount of cinnamon between the fall desserts, beverages and side dishes.  Good news – we’re doing ourselves a big favor because cinnamon is said to have a very positive effect on blood glucose levels. Consuming cinnamon helps to stabilize our blood sugar, which in turns helps keep our energy levels and moods stable. In addition, stable blood sugar levels help prevent us from overeating.

If you know someone suffering from diabetes, cinnamon is a top spice to include in their diet. I recently told my dad about this (he has type 2 diabetes) and he has been trying to incorporate cinnamon into his diet on a daily basis. I’m hoping we’ll see an improvement soon if he keeps up with it!

Need another more reason to add cinnamon to your next meal? Cinnamon has one of the highest antioxidant levels of all herbs and spices. So with Thanksgiving right around the corner, don’t hesitate to add some more cinnamon to those sweet potatoes – hopefully you’ll be feeling less groggy and less full than usual by meal’s end!


21 thoughts on “Spice of the Season – Cinnamon

  1. I love cinnamon and didn’t know that about the diabetes! I love to sprinkle it on buttered toast :) Hope your weekend was wonderful and your Monday’s off to a great start!

  2. Annie I didn’t know cinnamon was helpful for diabetes. Chef’s mom is now diabetic after her open heart surgery this summer…she’s so bummed b/c she’s a huge chocolate lover. :(


  3. I was just recently reading an article about cinnamon and how healthy it is. I’ve always loved it, but now I have a new appreciation. Thanks for all the info!


  4. I am so glad I love cinnamon! I just got a cinnamon candle. I wish inhaling it that way would be good for you too! haha
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday xo

  5. It’s always nice to learn that one of your favorite things to eat is good for you! I love cinnamon and I add it to every recipe I can, that and honey. I find that if I cut a recipe’s amount of sugar in about 1/2 maybe a little less depending on the recipe and just add some honey it tastes just as sweet and actually has a better flavor.
    I will definitely be putting some cinnamon & honey to use in my baking for this upcoming Thursday, Thanksgiving Day :)

  6. I love cinnamon and I usually have it for breakfast in some form. I also add it to my oatmeal, my coffee(when I used to drink it), but I especially like to boil it, add a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk. It’s fabulous and I love how it smells=)

  7. Cinnamon… today I had a great cup of coffee w/cinnamon & butterscotch scone. It was a bit too sweet for me so I took half home, but it was tasty… love ya XXXXX OOOOOO

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