Berry Good News

According to a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition, daily snacking on fresh blueberries may help to prevent hardening of the arteries aka the main cause of heart attacks and strokes! The effectiveness of these little blue guys is most likely due to their high antioxidant content, which reduces inflammation that harms the walls of the arteries.

So what are you waiting for? Starting today, add some blueberries to your morning oatmeal, have them as an afternoon snack, or as a healthy dessert – whatever works for you!


17 thoughts on “Berry Good News

  1. I do *love* blueberries in most anything. In summers, there’s an old blueberry cobbler recipe I found from Cooking Light that is so easy and delish! (I wish they were in season year round!)

  2. For real?? I can eat blueberries in muffins or scones with no problem! But raw and on their own I have a hard time with. But now knowing this I might just suck it up and eat them!

  3. On way to Aunt Pat’s heard something about a website.. tampa bay .. a Dr. wallace handling stress without drugs or pills… said that people highly stressed actually stop breathing and said to sit down and take short shallow breaths..You might be able to find .com site..I love raspberries the best, got some really sweet ones recently in Publix. Love ya XXXXXXX OOOOOOOO

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