22 thoughts on “Happy December!

  1. Awww those are perfect! Its snowing here today too:) What a perfect start to December:) Happy 1st sweetie!
    Hugs and kisses

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, here in Texas we can only expect one or two instances of snow each winter, and it’s only a few inches. :-(

  3. Very Pretty, I love snow pictures .. just not scraping it off my car or the dead battery and COLD.. today was in 60s and I was thinking maybe 95 is not so bad..lol…. love ya XXXX OOOOO also your site won’t let me register like till I comment????

  4. I love snow but I can wait until closer to the end of December for it to start. These are beautiful pictures…makes me want to snuggle next to my fireplace and watch it snow! xoxo

  5. Such beautiful photos! Makes me want to be back at White Face Lodge snuggled up cozy next to a fireplace wit hot cider and choc chip cookies. Oh and with Wes too :)

  6. Happy December to you too!!
    I love these images – particularly the 1st one! I’ve tried two times to follow you but google won’t let me just now…
    Please leave a comment on my history blog so I don’t loose you!
    PS Love your name :)

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