Take the Bitter Out of Those Greens!

I have to admit that I sometimes pass up super healthy, dark green veggies like mustard greens, turnip greens and dandelion greens because they seem to always turn out on the ultra bitter side. Not anymore! Now I know the right way to cook them – simply quick boil* them in unsalted water. No steaming  and no adding salt while they’re cooking because both methods lead to a more bitter product. So just save the salt for sprinkling or a dressing after cooking.

I’m happy to be rid of any excuse for passing up such healthy and tasty (when cooked right) greens. Hope this helps you too!


*To quick-boil greens, bring about two quarts of water to a boil. Submerge the leaves whole into the boiling H20. Time varies from veggie to veggie, but basically when the leaves are wilted yet still brightly colored they should be done.  For mustard greens it should only be about 30 to 60 seconds, but for a variety with thicker leaves, like collard greens, it can take up to about 5 minutes. Once you remove the leaves from the pot, gently run cool water over them to halt cooking.


24 thoughts on “Take the Bitter Out of Those Greens!

  1. I had never even heard of people eating dandelion greens. I’m glad to know that tip, by the way, because I’ve been eyeing the greens at the grocery store lately. What do you usually put on them?

  2. I’ve heard about this before, but never exactly knew how to do it. SO glad you put the directions on this post! Thanks for the info, I’m definitely going to do this now. Hope you had a great weekend, Annie!


  3. Great tips on the green veggies, Annie. I do love a green veggie, especially collard greens and brussels (yum!) so anything to encourage me to eat more is welcome :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!!


  4. Love these greens, I always put them in my chicken soup raw and you know I let that cook very low for hours.. Now I can cook them by themselves… Love ya XXXXX OOOOOOOO

  5. Oh, I’m so the same way with missing out on good-for-you bitter greens! Makes me smile to think I can now finally enjoy that green goodness – thank you for this lovely tip on a too-long Monday!

  6. Good thing I stumbled into your blog, it’s always been a problem for me every time I cook my mustards and getting rid of that bitter taste. Is it better to submerge the mustard in ice cold water rather than cool running water? I still want my veggies to remain crisp as possible.

  7. Bitter is the most important taste for the digestion; it sparks the gall bladder to pump out its own bitter juices into the stomach and Dandelion will tone the digestive system as a whole in the process. Its great to see you are encouraging your readers to enjoy their bitter greens, and Spring is a great time to do so – they will be popping up soon in VT! Blessings!
    (I borrowed your DandyLion greens image in a recent post and put your web address, I hope you don’t mind…Thank you Annie!)

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