Sleep Better Tonight!

One of the worst and most common occurrences for many is having trouble falling asleep (and staying asleep). The latest ideal quota is 7-8 hours per night. Aside from the usual suggestions of a dark room, comfy bedding, avoiding caffeine, here are some snack ideas that aren’t just healthy, but actually encourage a restful night’s sleep!

Your body and brain will thank you in the morning for choosing one of these:

  • Unbuttered Popcorn – The carbs help to create serotonin, a key relaxing neurochemical. Try this recipe I previously posted: A Tasty & Nutritious Snack
  • Oatmeal with Sliced Banana – Sleep is inspired by the hormone melatonin, but stress or excitement can disrupt melatonin’s release.  Both oatmeal and bananas contain sleep-inspiring melatonin. Bananas also contain serotonin and magnesium (a muscle relaxant).
  • Sesame Seeds – These little guys are one of the best natural sources of tryptophan aka that sleep-inducing amino acid we always associate with Thanksgiving’s main course (turkey). Try sprinkling them on salads, sandwiches, etc. I also love buying whole grain bread that has an outer coating of sesame seeds.
  • A 4-ounce Glass of Unsweetened Cherry Juice or Fresh Cherries – Cherries naturally have serotonin-inducing carbohydrates as well as melatonin. Try having some cherry juice/fresh cherries an hour before bedtime (in case you feel a small jolt of energy from the sugar) for some high quality zzz’s. Trader Joe’s “Just Cherry Juice” is a great option.
  • Red Bell Peppers – Researchers have found that vitamin C is excellent at reducing the secretion of cortisol, a hormone released in your body when you’re stressed. Calorie for calorie, red bell peppers give you more vitamin C than any other vegetable or fruit! If you can reduce your overall stress levels you are much more likely to have a restful night’s sleep.


Did you sleep well last night? If not, I really hope that these recommendations will help you!

21 thoughts on “Sleep Better Tonight!

  1. Very very interesting! Thanks. I have a friend who has trouble sleeping – I’ll pass it on to her!
    PS I’d love for you to visit and please be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  2. I hadn’t heard of any of these and am so happy to see them b/c sometimes it is tough to get to sleep especially with so much going on. One of my go-to’s is celery. It works wonders!!

    Red peppers, huh? I’m trying that!


  3. These are really interesting. I sleep like a rock the moment my head hits the pillow, but I know several people who could really benefit from these ideas! Thanks for the helpful explanations, too; I’m much more likely to do something if I know why it helps. :-)

  4. I usually sleep ok. My son (4) slept in our bed last night and I was absolutely amazed at how well he slept: from 8pm until 7:30am (had to wake him up!), he didn’t wake once, hardly stirred, he was just out! Bit scary, too.

  5. Very interesting article! I thought drinking milk was the best solution to have a good night’s sleep but it wasn’t even on the list. Thanks for giving other options!

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