Happy Thursday!

Hope everyone is having a great week! We’re supposed to get our first significant bit of snow in the DC area today…MAYBE a Friday snowday on the horizon?! :)

p.s. Kaylala giveaway winner announced tomorrow morning! (Entries valid until 5pm EST tonight)

If you haven’t entered already: First Giveaway – Kaylala Organic Apothecary




11 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. You always find the most beautiful photos! I wish it would snow here in Texas, but no… the temperature is supposed to hover in the 60s today. I hope you enjoy your winter wonderland! :-)

  2. Yes!!! We have SNOW for sure in DC! Kids were out of school at noon today! My tea kettle (hot water) and dryer have been going since they walked through the door! I also think we have consumed more hot chocolate today than we did last year (15+ kids here)! I love snow days but somehow I become the neighborhood sitter!!! XOXO!

  3. These images are beautiful! I love that dog :)
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Annie! This week has gone in a flash, but it was soo good. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! xoxo

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