Natural Fact of the Day

Something to think about: Since at least 60% of everything we put on our skin is actually absorbed into our bodies, we should be selecting skin care products with as much care as what we choose to eat!


17 thoughts on “Natural Fact of the Day

  1. This is such a good and timely reminder (I should make this part of my new year’s resolution :)). I remember someone once telling me that our skin was our largest organ – so important what we expose it to, because our skin absorbs soo much!

  2. That is very interesting. I read something about it the other day and its a really good point! Its scary to think that many cosmetics have ingredients that are not too good for us.
    Kisses, darling

  3. That’s such an interesting concept that I rarely think about. I don’t do terrible things to my skin by any means, but I’m sure I could stand to do a little better.

  4. Well it was an exciting week on “All Natural Annie”. Hope that winner loves her product.
    By the way the Bible says you can not eat animal fat, but it is allowed to put it on skin to make it more supple… glycerin… there is a vegetable one also.. the best one is from the lamb… thanks for thinking of me while I was traveling… love ya… hope Dylan got his work done. When do you leave for San Fran????

  5. Annie you have once again hit the nail on the head. Skin is a transdermal so all those toxic products get soaked right in and have to make their way through our system’s organs. It is really sobering to read labels and think about years when this was nowhere near my thought process!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  6. I do think about this a lot! I have been using Arbonne foundation. Are you familiar with that? If so, I would love to know if you have any opinion on it. I used to use their skin care too but it is too expensive, so now I use cheap stuff from Target….I know not good!

  7. I was just thinking about that last night! I def have to invest in some good natural/organic lotions. It’s on my list.

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