An Optimal Foot Massage

The next time you’re giving or hopefully receiving a foot massage, it’s great to keep this reflexology chart in mind to make the massage even more therapeutic. I’m a huge fan of acupressure. If done correctly, you can find relief from such a wide range of ailments including hormonal imbalances, breathing disorders, back aches, circulatory problems and so much more! Make it even better: soak your feet  in warm water right before the massage.


17 thoughts on “An Optimal Foot Massage

  1. hi Annie,
    I hope your holiday weekend was good.
    I love acupressure. It worked wonders on our dog when she was congested due to allergies last winter. She used to wake up my husband in the middle of the night all congested standing over him, she didn’t leave until he had performed acupressure on her..

    if I decide to do more educations it will be for reflexology. For now I do it for the family only.

  2. Hope your Christmas was wonderful!!! I learned how to give a foot massage when my children were babies and they loved it!!! Miss you! Hopefully, we can catch up this week! xoxo

  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Annie…..

    Sorry I could not get back East this year…..someday soon, though…..just remember you and Dylan are always invited to visit….have an extra car and 3 bedrooms to choose from, so….Colorado beckons you…..

    Nice info on the foot massage….know where I can get one? Maybe even one for my back?????

    Great site…keep up the great work…..

    Uncle Bill

  4. congrats with everything you got “All Natural” done.. by the way I’m out of that eye cream of the N U backward C and C lavendar color container.. haven’t seen it anywhere here…

  5. This is such a great diagram, thanks Annie! I really want to start a foot soaking ritual with Wes and then I can get him to massage my feet after! :)

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