In the Future New Years…

Happy New Year again to everyone! I have to admit that I am having a pretty hard time getting back into my daily blogging routine after all of this time off…Anyone else feeling that way?

A recent and unexpected trip to the puppy store (pic below) while we were in New York last week has sparked a random post for today…A LIST OF FUTURE PETS!

(theeee sweetest golden retriever puppy..Wish I could have taken her home!)


A lop-eared rabbit…

(this one looks JUST like the one I had as a kid!) {via}

A black lab…

(my old pup, Ashley)

A Bernese Mountain Dog…


Some ducks…


Dylan recently decided he would like a sheep…


And last, but not least, my life-long dream of having a horse…


Well of course, having this full list will definitely require a good sized house and a decent amount of land so hopefully we will one day find the perfect place for all of these animals to call home with us! I guess this kind of sounds like we want a farm?! ha! :) We currently don’t have any pets. How many pets do you have?

Also, fun fact: Research has shown that pets can also help reduce stress and blood pressure in owners, increase longevity in those who’ve had heart attacks, and even relax and improve the appetites of Alzheimer’s patients. {full article}

14 thoughts on “In the Future New Years…

  1. I have no pets currently, but I REALLY REALLY want a pug. I need to hear more benefits of having a dog like those you listed because right now it just seems like a bad idea. :( One day…

    I don’t know if I could handle all the pets you’ve listed! Haha. But I hope you get them all! :D

  2. I am finding it hard as well to get back in to the groove, with all aspects of life…LOL!

    We have many pets here…2 dogs (Maltese and Shih Tzu) a salt water tank with all sorts of living things (including 2 Tangs and a star fish) and now we have a cat (the most amazing cat ever, I might add)!!!

    Near future plans to have another horse once the barn on parents land is finished!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!! xoxo

  3. haha thanks Jessica! I don’t know if we will be able to handle them all either! lol For the near future, we’re really hoping for 1 cute little lab :) I hope you get a pug soon!!

    Alleen, wow, I really hope you get another horse!! Hope you’re having a great week too! xo

  4. I totally had a rabbit when I operated a daycare in Canada (I rescued it from the kids)!! It was even better than a cat and I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth, but after a vase hitting the floor this morning I’m not in the best cat mood. In fact, I think my blood pressure is through the roof.

    Maybe I need to go pet someone’s dog.

  5. Happy New Year Annie! What nice little faces to swoon over this Tuesday afternoon…Every time we go to the pet store I want to take home every puppy with me! xo

  6. I want a puppy!!! These pictures are too cute. I’ve always wanted a dachschund, but I’d take any cute little puppy. Happy New Year, Annie! I have a really good feeling about 2011.


  7. oh I love this list! And all these adorable animals. I had a black lab and he was the sweetest animal ever! Of course I love my Ginger too though :)

  8. We have two dogs and I really want a golden retriever one day too…That photo is so sweet! We really enjoy having dogs around. They are truly fun and such an important part of the family:)
    Hugs and kisses, darling
    Happy New Year

    Ps: I am hosting a great home decor GIVEAWAY later today, so please join in :)

  9. love all those pictures and still can’t believe we thought you bought the dog! I look forward to visiting your farm one day – especially Dylan’s sheep. lol

  10. I love pets. :-) My family has a horse, 4 dogs and a cat (all but 2 dogs live outdoors… they live in the country). I don’t have any pets, though. Apartment life with owners who are at work all the time just isn’t the best thing for an animal. One day I’d love to have a doberman pinscher though. They’re beautiful! And a ragdoll cat…

  11. Ok, I want a Bernese Mountain Dog so badly! Mark doesn’t know it but my plan is to buy a puppy from Bern right before we move back and then I can have it on the plane with me…then have an authentic swiss dog in the states :) We’ll see what he thinks!!
    I’ve so missed you and your blog!! I’m definitely feeling that it’s hard to get back in to the routine of blogging – this is my first real day back at it. But happy new year!!!! It was nice to hear from you :)

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