San Fran Bound!

I am sooooo excited that we are headed to San Francisco later this month. Especially since it’s my first time visiting!

Any must-see/must-eat recommendations?!

Photo Credit: John Eaton

13 thoughts on “San Fran Bound!

  1. Oh how fun! I’ve always wanted to go there. My cousin lives there, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. He loves the Mission area, but I don’t know much more than that…

  2. Aw boo I think it deleted my comment. :-( Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go there, my cousin lives there and he loves the Mission area. I don’t know any specifics, though. Have fun! :-)

  3. Hi, Annie

    That is one of my fave places! So pretty & so windy. My last time there it was August and I had to wear sweater. But, it’s totally worth it! You must go the piers(don’t remember the name now) and the SF Botanical Garden.

  4. Annie…that is so exciting, SF is one of the best cities! It is totally cliche but if you have never been there you have to go to Fisherman’s Wharf and indulge on the fresh sourdough and Havarti. So yummy! And of course the shopping in Union Square is awesome! xo

  5. How exciting!! I would recommend going to Ferry Building. It has a lot of neat things to see…including a cute little bakery called Miette that I posted about earlier last year. I thought it was a fun place to grab something to eat and enjoy the view near the water.

    P.S. I want gold nail polish too!

  6. Oh my Annie! As a free spirit you will LOVE! My bff used to live there…I’m going to msg and ask him for some spots. I’ve visited him and the trips are a blur of great restaurants and places to walk, walk, walk. It’s one of my fave places!


  7. You are going to fall in LOVE! It’s such a great city and you have to spend an evening in at least one of the many jazz bars and the sushi there is to die for. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!!! xoxo

  8. I’m going to take all of these tips from your readers for myself as well because my sweetie and I are traveling around the west part of the country for 1 year starting March 1st. We will be visiting SAN FRAN 3 times over the course of the trip! The majority of the trip will consist of going up and down the Pacific Coast Highway with a few stops in other states. Have fun on your trip, I hope to see pics, and I’ll pass along any tips I come across over the next couple days. :-)

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