Goodbye Sunshine…

…hello snow! We finally made it back to DC after being (happily) stranded an extra day and night in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posts and sharing some of our San Fran fun next week :) Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Sunshine…

  1. Hi, Annie

    It’s nice to hear from you!! What a NICE photo….. sun in California… I miss that. Can’t wait to see more images.

    ps: wow, kaylala kit at the award? Amazing. So that is why it is sold out, because I want to buy the kit as a gift for my sister in law and they don’t have right now.

  2. Glad you finally made it home safely! About the Alice + Olivia dresses, #1 is totally my favorite too! It reminds me of that dress Eva Mendes wore to the Oscar’s a while back (maybe 2 years ago?). So pretty!


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