17 thoughts on “Spring At Last!

  1. YES!!! I feel the same way. I blame it on the fact that last summer was so cold so it feels like an eternity since we’ve had an entire season of warm weather. YAY for Spring!

  2. Wow – where did you get the pics?! Just beautiful!! I am so excited that it is spring – I’m going to do a herb garden on my apartment patio. Just let the winter melt away into the rebirth of life!

  3. I’m right there with you. Last summer was so cold and I feel like the wheels could just fly right off my bus I’m so excited for spring, summer and warmer weather all the way around. Yay!!


  4. gorgeous spring-y pictures!

    kind of glad that the season is changing. but it is making me want to shop like a lunatic, and this seems to happen every single time the seasons change. too bad a sugar daddy doesn’t come along with each season, too! ;)

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