Coffee or Tea?

I have always (since 16) predominantly been a tea drinker. Then around age 21, I started dabbling in the world of coffee…regular coffee, flavored coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso shots… you know how it goes.  I had really never expected to come a regular drinker of coffee, but the again, it was always in my blood (mom and dad both love their coffee).

Recently, I decided that I wanted to try going back to drinking strictly tea – specifically black, green and oolong. I’ve been wondering if I was generally just better off with tea… maybe my skin wasn’t as dry for starters? Well, if you look around you can find plenty of information on why you should avoid coffee, and caffeine in general. Then again, you can also find tons of info/research on caffeine’s benefits.

I’m certainly not here to demonize coffee. I think everyone is different and moderation is always key. But I do think that coffee drinkers can benefit from going organic with their coffee since it is a highly pesticide-ridden crop. Other than that, I think most people do fine with coffee as long as they don’t over do it.


For me, I wanted to see what it was like even attempting to avoid coffee completely. Could I do it? Well I’m now on day 24 of no coffee (or espresso) and I have to say that I surprisingly don’t really miss it. My goal was to see if I could do 30 days minimum. I actually think I might continue to stick with my daily tea time long term (with an occasional tasty coffee or latte thrown in here and there).  As with dieting, being rigid never works and I’m not trying to deprive myself.  I just think I feel better with tea. Plus, my skin isn’t as dry/dull and I no longer have any afternoon slumps. Those 2 benefits alone are enough for me to want to stick with my new coffee-free routine.

Plus, I’m also sticking with tea for another reason. I always enjoy a cup of tea, but when it comes to coffee I feel like it’s hit or miss, especially when you don’t make it at home. Too many times, the aroma alone has made me want a cup, but then the actual cup of coffee does not taste at all as delicious as it smelled. Do you know what I mean?

Well no matter what you choose, I hope you enjoy every cup and feel good after consuming your caffeinated beverage of choice!


Factual Caffeination:

  • White, green, and black tea (in order from least to highest) all contain caffeine
  • The caffeine content of white, green, and black tea is lower than the caffeine content of coffee
  • The caffeine in tea is balanced by L-theanine, an amino acid that is naturally calming. It actually reduces mental and physical stress, and improves cognition and mood in a synergistic manner with caffeine {read more}

Do you drink tea, coffee, or both? Or neither?! (the answer to which I am always fascinated) Any specific favorites? Do you think you could benefit from decreasing or switching your source of caffeine?

Think you’re consuming too much caffeine? Then read this:How to Detox from Caffeine

19 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea?

  1. Neither of my parents like coffee, so I grew up drinking a lot of tea. It wasn’t until college that I started drinking coffee, and I discovered that I actually started to like it. Now I love both, and I drink both in moderation. :-)

    And since I’m always thinking about teeth… both tea and coffee can stain your teeth, but tea can actually help keep your gums healthy in the process!

  2. Wow, I’m so impressed that you’ve given up coffee for 24 days! I used to drink more tea and in the last 5 years or so, I’ve been into coffee with the occasional cup of tea. But recently I’ve been having days, sometimes weeks at a time when I don’t have any coffee and I don’t really miss it either. I’m not giving it up or anything, I just realized that I don’t need it as much as I thought I did.

  3. Sooo happy to hear that you are going to stick with the no more coffee. I used to drink it all throughout the day for years until I did the Fat Flush Plan/detox two years ago, where you have to eliminate all caffeine. It wasn’t easy dealing with the massive migraine those first couple of days but once I overcame the addiction, I would never go back. I still LOVE the smell of coffee but don’t miss the acidic addicted feeling.
    For my favorite teas that give me the boost of caffeine – I LOVE mate tea (Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder is terrific) and Trader Joe’s has a wonderful organic blend.
    I have also been leaning towards green tea and really love white teas with peach.
    For all of my teas I mix some honey and soy and it’s the perfect treat.
    I’m going to go make some now come to think of it!

  4. Hi, Annie
    You know I love this subject. I’m a huge fan of tea and coffee, I’ve always been.
    I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning, during the day I drink tea and a lot of water and then I have 1 more cup of coffee when I get home from work(a new habit). I agree when you say that moderation is key!

  5. Coffee smell is almost always better than the actual cup, so true!! you are doing great so far!
    BIG Green tea drinker!!

  6. I drink both! But lately I’ve been favoring tea – it just feels healthier. And I put so much sugar in my coffee so I know tea is better for me! But like you said, I can’t deprive myself either, so…coffee every now and then it is!

  7. gf get off of my wave length. it does seem that there is a lot of back and forth in articles with respect to coffee benefits. since the fall i’ve been only drinking tea with an occasional weekend morning cappuccino treat from Brazilian coffee place by my apt. xx

  8. Just look at Mormons…Donny & Marie…etc. they don’t drink coffee or tea.. and have great complexions and teeth.. I drink one cup of coffee a day.. but then I add chocolate (caffeine) which I do think is bad for your skin…. so I try to limit it..:)XXOO

  9. I’m a tea drinker too, and I recently dedicated a post about it. Come check it out when you have time. And thanks for sharing the insightful information.


  10. I am strictly a tea drinker! I’ve never been into coffee, just don’t like the taste of it. I usually drink about 2 cups of caffeine free (or so it says) tea per day.

    Have a good weekend lady!

  11. I’m strictly tea all the way and have only had maybe a handful of coffee sips in my entire life. I love tea – it’s good for you, is soothing and has to be steeped in the best cups and teapots making it that much more enjoyable:)

    I hope you have a great weekend Annie!

  12. Annie-I love this post and I had no idea coffee had so many pesticides. I love drinking coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Do you ever drink tea with cardamom and cloves or black tea with ginger? those are my favorites.

  13. Naina, funny you should ask – I just tried some cardamom green tea for the first time a week ago! It was really tasty. I also love ginger tea, but I don’t think I’ve ever had black tea with ginger.. thank you for the suggestion! :)

  14. For the past few months Im trying to cut back on coffee and from yesterday I stopped drinking it all together. I hope I can manage and dont give in as I know that its so much healthier to stay away from it. Good for you, sweetie. You are such a great inspiration for me:) thanks
    Happy Tuesday

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