A Less Acidic Cup of Coffee

I read some pretty interesting news this weekend — scientists have found that dark roasted coffee beans generate a chemical that actually reduces acid production in the stomach. So surprisingly, dark roasts like French and Italian are actually easier on your stomach! I particularly enjoy this news because when I drink coffee I always prefer dark roasts.  Also, it’s been found that the darker roasts actually have less caffeine than the lighter roasts. {Read more}


If you drink coffee – do you prefer light, medium or dark roasts?

14 thoughts on “A Less Acidic Cup of Coffee

  1. That is really interesting and I had no idea about it all. I usually drink the darker roast. Btw: We got a lovely lamp over the weekend. Im so excited about it.
    Happy Tuesday, darling

  2. I prefer my green tea, jasmin green tea, but..sometimes when out to dinner, the coffee smells so good. At least I know I have a better option if I choose to go for the tantalizing coffee smell. Dark roasts it is!

  3. Very interesting. This is good to know! When coffee is very acidic, I always end up feeling sick, so when I get coffee I know I am always taking a chance. But, now I know what kind of roast to ask for!

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