Poppy’s Naturally Clean

I wanted to let everyone know about another great eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning option for the home – Poppy’s Naturally Clean. I especially like the All Purpose Spray Cleaner, which of course contains only natural ingredients and is 100% toxin free. It’s perfect for countertops, appliances and pretty much all of those other commonly cleaned surfaces (minus marble and granite).

It’s important to go natural with your cleaning routine so you can not only feel good about the appearance of your home, but more importantly, your own health! Have you done any major spring cleaning lately?


16 thoughts on “Poppy’s Naturally Clean

  1. Okay you’re reading my mind. I stood in the target aisle looking for a cleaner the other day, but walked out. Been sticking with Bon Ami but wanted a spray cleaner outside of Seventh Generation.

    Thanks Annie!

  2. So cool! Recently I posted something on facebook asking if anyone knew of cleaning products that actually worked for the bathroom. I wonder if this would work for that or more of a kitchen thing…

  3. I’ve actually been thinking about buying natural cleaning products recently and was wondering which ones were good. Perfect timing for your post! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. What’s killing our Bays and Inlets are pesticides, herbicides and all products mostly Men are using to keep their lawns lush & green.. What has to happen is for men to be happy with a crappy lawn..if that year produces one…. :)XO

  5. Thanks, Annie. I looked on their site and they have toilet bowl cleaner. It might just be worth ordering…and the cost is not bad at all. :)

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