Incredible Entirely Edible Egg

You might have noticed lately how the yolks of eggs are suddenly healthy for you. Well of course they always were, but another fad actually had us all thinking they were to be avoided and nothing but cholesterol raisers.

For all of us who bought into the egg-white-only-craze we were sadly  missing out.  Where are most of the nutrients in an egg found? Yep, it’s the yolk. And the brighter the yolk – the healthier the egg!

When buying your next dozen:

  • Brown or White? Brown usually cost more, but the color simply indicates the chicken’s breed.
  • Go organic – They’ve been found to have significantly more nutrients (specifically vitamin A, vitamin E and Omega 3s) and less cholesterol (specifically about 1/3 less than commercial eggs!).  In addition, they have less toxins and usually taste noticeably better.
  • Opt for free-range – These are from hens that lay their eggs outdoors. They’re thought to be more content hens since they have unlimited access to food and H20. And who knows, maybe you can taste that happiness in your next omelet? ;)

So don’t forget about eggs because they are an eggcelent (ha) source of nutrients you can include in every meal. And I highly suggest you don’t throw out that yoke… Keep it real, keep it whole!


12 thoughts on “Incredible Entirely Edible Egg

  1. I love eggs SO very much. They may be in the running for my favorite food. In college I was obsessed with making sunny-side up eggs and toast. I read somewhere that if you pair an egg with a tomato you have most of the nutrients you need, so I started putting tomatoes on my toast making it even more delicious. Have to start getting back into that habit. I’m craving it just talking about it! :D

  2. I can’t imagine eating eggs withOUT the yolk, its the best part…great to know it’s the healthiest! Damn media egg white craze!

  3. i looove eggs so much! i don’t eat the yoke though, usually because i don’t like it, haha :) but my great grandparents did always tell me it was the healthiest part!

  4. Yay I am doing something right :) Lately I have been obsessed with a fried egg sandwiches with a bit of cheddar and just one slice of bread!

  5. it totally makes sense that most of the nutrients would be in the yolk. i’m not the biggest fan of the yolk, but i won’t remove it either. (i just scramble my eggs). but i had no idea about the brown/white dilemma and it’s shocking that organic eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol. incredible!

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