Happy Wednesday!

The weather is definitely warming up (it was 80 something in DC yesterday!), but I’m still finding myself dreaming of tropical vacations. We don’t have any planned at the moment…What about you?

FCB:Design (Markus Canter) Project: Savona Road, Bel Air, CA 90077 modern patio
modern patio design by Los angeles Architect Markus Canter (FCB:Design)
PAOLA LENTI - SHOWROOM - selection collection tropical patio
tropical patio design by escale design

13 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday!

  1. Those patios are beautiful. I would love to spend a weekend in one of those beautiful places:) So relaxing! Hugs and kisses, sunshine

    Ps: I’m hosting a cute necklace GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in!

  2. I would LOVE a tropical getaway! It’s been around 90 the past couple days and I know that’s nothing from what it will be, but I would love to be in a tropical climate :)

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