Blue Jeans…Blue Skin?!

As I was shaving my legs today I noticed something quite unsettling for the second time… the shaving cream was turning very, very blue and this was happening all over my legs!  Hmmmm totally not normal and somewhat concerning, but I quickly realized what the culprit must be – my super cute and super cheap (very dark blue) jeans from Forever 21. I have never had this happen before and washing them multiple times apparently is not solving the problem. I’m really disappointed because they’re my favorite jeans, but I certainly don’t want blue dye all over my skin… Has this happened to anyone else? Is this just what happens when you get ridiculously cheap ($10.50) jeans?


(not the exact jeans, but similar)

17 thoughts on “Blue Jeans…Blue Skin?!

  1. This has happened to me on more than $10 jeans and I want to say I washed, washed and washed them before wearing. You and I both know that skin is a transdermal and I don’t want that dye seeping through my skin.

    Further – sometimes when I use this liquid exfoliator stuff (name escapes me, but I’ll try to recover) that is applied with a cotton ball sometimes the cotton ball turns blue!! Even when my naked eye sees nothing on my skin. Not good, huh?

  2. Carrie, I had a feeling you would be able to relate and also be concerned! I’m guessing the multiple washing fixed the problem? Hopefully mine just need a few more washes…

  3. This has DEFINITELY happened to me…the worst is when the dye comes off on my hands and they are a lovely shade of blue. Scared the hell out of me the first time…thought I was having a circulation problem! lol. Unfortunately the dye came off on one of my good purses too….

  4. Did it really? Oh my goodness…That is so strange. I would probably wash them a few more times and see if it helps. I am so going to check my jeans now..:)
    Hugs and kisses, darling
    Happy Monday afternoon

  5. It happened to me too. It is a little concerning (okay a lot to me) because I hadn’t thought about the dye before. I doubt it is natural, or good for you. And it is obviously getting into the skin. I wonder what sort of dyes they do use?

  6. Thank you so much this really helped me. You see I’m thirteen and I had been noticing that my legs and hands (still don’t know why my hands were blue) we’re slightly tinted blue and as I was washing them the soap suds were blue and pretty soon my whole bathtub was blue. Also, I was really starting to get worried and frustrated as to why I was turning into a smurf. Thanks again, your awesome!!!

  7. I took my daughter with a heart condition to ER for this. Her hands and legs and everything she touched with her blue hands turned blue. I thought it was a circulation problem due to her heart condition. Someone needs to put warnings on those dark blue pants!

  8. I bought I new pair of silver jeans and the first few times I wore them. This happened to me! It’s because they are brand new and the dye is still fresh so the dye wears off onto your skin. It’s easy to come off and a few washes in the wash machine should do the trick of fixing this.

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