Start Breathing Right Tonight

I know that so many people are struggling with allergies and the sinus issues that accompany them right now. In addition to decreasing your stress levels, changing your diet (example: consuming more quercetin-rich foods like apples and onions on a daily basis) there is another drug-free option to assist you in your sleep, literally.

They’ve been around for a while and you might have tried them before – I’m talking about Breathe Right nasal strips. The strips (available in clear or tan) simply and gently lift the sides of your nose to help you breathe easier. So simple yet SO effective.  I don’t think I have allergies, but my sinuses do bother me sometimes and the Breathe Right strips make breathing through my nose so much clearer. They’re also supposed to work great for snoring!


Have you tried them before? What did you think?

If you want to give them a try: Breathe Right Free Sample. You can also enter the ‘Better Breathing’ sweepstake, where you can win Breathe Right products and a grand prize trip to Yosemite National Park! Enter here: The Better Breathing Sweepstakes (bottom of the page. Ends 6/17/11)


*M80 contacted me to write this blog post on behalf of Breathe Right and provided me with samples. Thanks M80!

10 thoughts on “Start Breathing Right Tonight

  1. These are good, simple, and good. You can really feel it opening the airwaves in the nose! I like em! useful for sports also…

  2. Oh yes! I have worn these before. When I was pregnant, I snored so bad, that my husband said I sounded like a freight train! haha…when I wore them, I still snored, but they seemed to help some. (most of the time)…

    I have found that going to the acupuncturist for my allergies has done the trick. I no longer have to take over the counter medication everyday! It’s awesome!

  3. I haven’t tried these, but this spring I have had some of the worst allergies I’ve ever had before. They are finally better though. And I am not thanking the weather change for that, but rather I think it is because of the increase in vegetables I’ve been trying to eat. I really believe eating more raw, healthy foods can cure allergies!

    I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!

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