Time for a Soak

I am a huge fan of baths (I almost take them on a daily basis!) If you’re not normally a fan, I’m sure you might quickly become one in any of the tubs pictured here. Aren’t they amazing?! But don’t wait for an extravagant tub because baths are SO incredibly relaxing and beneficial to your entire body no matter what the tub looks like! I love to add Epsom salt and lavender oil to my baths, but plain old warm water is all it takes for a calming and detoxifying soak.

Master Bathroom contemporary bathroom


Do you take baths?

12 thoughts on “Time for a Soak

  1. Good lord if my bath tub looked like one of these I’m pretty sure I would be taking multiple baths a day !! some of these designs are just incredible…xo

  2. TOOOOOO funny – i LOVE baths – i don’t take them in the summer tho – but in the winter i take a bath EVERY night and shower in the am – AND get this i use lavender epsom salt!!! – no joke!!!!!! — i use to use oils in the tub (lavender of course) but then got too difficult cleaning up afterwards (slippery) …

    that last bath – *sigh*

  3. I love baths as well and I have them daily:) Those photos are dreamy and I can just imagine how fantastic it would be to relax in one of those tubs:) My favourite is the 1st one….awww
    Hugs and kisses, sweetie

  4. im def not a bath girl. i recently had my first bath in about 4 years and after 5 min i wanted to get out. but if my bathroom looked like the last photo i might want to take one a bit more often haha

  5. So beautiful!! I actually have a really nice bath (jacuzzi actually), but I rarely bathe anyway. Only in the winter when I get really cold.

  6. I don’t normally take baths, but I do like them. I definitely would take one every single day if I had any of these baths. So much nicer than the one I have!

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