Father’s Day Inspiration

With Father’s Day soon upon us, here are some gift ideas that won’t break the bank, but are sure to be much enjoyed.

For the dad who appreciates some quality spirits…

Hudson Manhattan Rye ~ Tuthilltown ($44.28 – must buy on premises though) Any unique or local spirit/wine/beer would be fun!

For the dad that could use some relaxation on a regular basis…

Brazilian Hammock in a Bag by Bliss Hammocks ($29.99)

For the dad into being (or trying to be) healthy…

Circulation Sandals (therapeutic sandals that gently stimulate blood flow, enhance circulation and reduce fatigue) from Gaiam ($68)

For the dad who loves to grow things*…

Mushroom Garden from Back to the Roots ($20)

*Green thumb not required. These mushrooms grow like weeds! (But more like, mushrooms)

For the dad who loves to snack…

Help him do it in a health way with a gift basket like this one from GiftBaskets.com ($58.99)

For the dad that doesn’t like “stuff”, but loves to be pampered and could use some de-stressing…


That’s my dad so I decided to get him a massage at a great spa. This is the one I picked: Acqua Aveda (prices vary)

Good luck with your shopping!

p.s. Just give me a category or tell me a little bit about your dad and I would love to give you more suggestions :)

8 thoughts on “Father’s Day Inspiration

  1. Hey Annie! These are great suggestions! I love the hammock! I’m off to read your post on natural heartburn reducers as I’ve been suffering from it again recently this past week. Even eating muesli sets it off.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend! How’s the move coming along?

  2. Great post! I’d love all those gifts…really like that Hudson baby burdon, sitting in the hammock, after a massage.

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