Exciting News x 2

Hello!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week. For me, the past fews days have been filled with packing. We’re not leaving DC, but moving to a new place. I drastically underestimated how stuff we had to pack (I think that’s typical?). Little by little, we’ve gotten rid of so many things, but  we’re  amazed at how much is still left. I’m really looking forward to Wednesday when we’re 100% in our new home!

In addition to the move, I’ve been meaning to tell everyone some other exciting news… I’ve previously mentioned a relatively new company called blissmo, which is an amazing site for finding and purchasing the best organic and eco-friendly products at up to 70% off. Well, I’m very excited to announce that I recently became one of the blissmo curators helping to find the fab lines and products being featured on a daily basis! (That’s me bottom left)

Have a great rest of the week (in case I’m not back from unpacking before it ends)!

14 thoughts on “Exciting News x 2

  1. Wow, busy busy! I hope D.C. isn’t as hot as it is in Texas, or that would make one miserable moving day. :-) Today the high is 110. Tomorrow the high is 110. Basically, it doesn’t go below 106 until Wednesday the 10th, when a thunderstorm is supposed to drop the temperature to a balmy 103. On that note, maybe I should consider moving too… :-)

    Anyway, tangent aside, congrats on blissmo, and I hope you have a smooth transition to get settled into your new place!

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