Time for Some Cocktails…

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for the weekend. We still have a little unpacking left to do, but the bulk of it is done. Time to buy new plants and have some friends over to see the new place. We’re thinking of making one of these cocktails tomorrow night. I’m loving all the fresh ingredients and sweetness compliments of fruit, honey and/or agave.

What’s your vote?

{Peach Lemonade Coolers}

{Raspberry Beer Cocktail}

{The Salted Tarragon Greyhound}

{Peach & Blackberry Muddle}

14 thoughts on “Time for Some Cocktails…

  1. Annie-these look so refreshing and delicious. I just had a mojito with a splash of pomegrante juice and it was so good! Also recently I had lemonade with guava and that was great too. Glad the move went well. Good luck with the unpacking…what a fun way to spend the weekend right?

  2. you deserve one of each after moving this week! That raspberry beer cocktail is being printed out as we speak and being made at some point this weekend!! YUM.

    Hope you have a great week A! xo

  3. We ended up making the Peach Blackberry Muddle, but used vodka instead of bourbon.. So it was: muddled blackberries and peaches, fresh lemon juice, agave nectar, mint leaves, vodka & splash of seltzer – delish!

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