Undo Summer Hair Damage

As summer winds down, your hair is probably looking less than its best after beach and pool time took their toll. But have no fear because it’s nothing a good hair mask (and a trim) can’t fix. One ultra  nourishing hair treatment I recently tried is by California Sunshine. Their three ingredient “Radiant Beach” hair mask is meant to be used once a week for an immediately noticeable difference in your locks in the form of less dryness and more shine. I definitely saw an improvement after just one treatment!

Radiant Beach’s 2 active ingredients:

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Penetrates hair shaft for superior, natural conditioning and moisturizing. Medium chain triglycerides to protect against hair loss and promote thick hair. Contains natural Vitamin E and fatty acids to prevent dandruff.
  • Organic Ricinus Communis Oil – Curative and medicinal. Known to thicken hair, moisturize, protect scalp, and promote shininess.

*Since this mask can easily turn to liquid, you might want to keep it in the fridge.  I keep mine in the shower since I don’t mind it turning to liquid (it’s actually even easier to apply that way).

14 thoughts on “Undo Summer Hair Damage

  1. sometimes i use virgin coconut oil as a mask. the only prob is that the smell makes me want to gag. reminds me of taking spoonfuls of the stuff to treat candida. lol

  2. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing to see this! I was just thinking about how my hair needs some help!

    I will let you know how the facial cleanser is! I’m just trying to finish up my old one first, then I will try it!

    Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Growing up my mom always put coconut oil in my hair and it was definitely healthier then. I am using Moroccan oil but I should go back to using coconut oil. I actually think I will order this. Thanks Annie!

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