A Better Antibacterial Cleaner

I recently tried this antibacterial kitchen cleaner by method and I’m definitely a fan. It naturally kills 99.9% of household germs including influenza A, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella enterica and E. coli. Yes, I did say “naturally”! I love that they used CleanWell’s herbal antibacterial formula (thyme oil & oregano oil) to power this cleaner (CleanWell has an entire line of naturally antibacterial products).

If you’re going to use antibacterial cleaning products this is one of the best and healthiest options on the market right now. Choose between two delightful scents – lemon verbena or orange zest – for just $3.99 or less. I opted for the lemon verbena (from Target), but I think I would like the orange zest scent even more.

Why make the switch to a natural antibacterial cleaner? Research is continually showing that antibacterial products can cause bacterial resistance, thus decreasing the effectiveness of antibiotics. The most common ingredient in antibacterial products is a chemical compound called triclosan, which has been proven to have some serious negative side effects on your health (see previous post for more info).


Parsley & Breast Health

You’ve probably heard that parsley is a great breath freshener (if not, now you know!), but recent research at the University of Missouri has shown that apigenin, a compound found in parsley, could prevent and slow the growth of breast tumors. Apigenin is most prevalent in parsley and celery, but it’s also found apples and oranges. So now there’s another good reason not to leave that green garnish lying lonely on your plate!

Happy Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We just got back from a quick trip to Florida. It was a great weekend filled with family, food, the beach and lots of laughs. We spent three nights celebrating my dad’s 75th birthday with the ultimate celebration on Saturday night when we went on a dinner cruise around Sarasota into the Gulf of Mexico (pic below). It was hard to leave yesterday, but hopefully we’re going back down for Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving – fall is definitely in the air!

 Have a great start to your week and enjoy the last official days of summer!

What’s a POP phone?

There is no doubt that cell phones give off radiation, but what about the extent of the possible negative impacts on your health? It seems like the jury is still out, but possible dangers have been no joke (i.e. brain tumors). When it comes to potential negative health effects, experts say even a few millimeters can make a big difference in diminishing radiation risks (see USA today article).

Well if you’re looking for a way to take preventative measures in the most fun way I’ve seen yet, for around $19 or less you can get a POP phone. Yes, this very old school/new school combo can decrease health worries and bring on instant nostalgia at the same time.

To note: it’s compatible with iphones, but adapters for a variety of phones are also available.

POP phone


What do you think? I think I’m getting one! I can’t picture actually using it when I’m out and about (although, that would be pretty comical), but I could definitely see using it at home.

 p.s. If you are concerned about radiation from your cellphone, this is a great and easy tip — Try to remember not to hold your cellphone to your ear until a call is connected. The reason for this suggestion? Cellphones emit the most radiation when connecting to cellular towers.


Neti Pot – Not a Daily Recommendation?

I’ve been meaning to share this article about how moderate use of a neti pot can have positive affects on health while overuse appears to have negative results: Neti Pot Once a Day Can Cause Infections

“I don’t have anything against short-term nasal saline irrigation — even aggressive nasal saline irrigation for three, four days or one week is totally fine,” Nsouli said. “But when we are doing it on a daily basis, we are modifying the immunological biochemistry of the nose.”

Interesting, right? I think it makes sense.

On a fun note, I love this video of the first time Regis Philbin tried using a neti pot:

I really only use a neti pot when I have a cold/nasal issues. What about you?

**Never use tap water in a neti pot – there is a risk for amoebas (deadly ones) to be present in tap water!

Detrimental Diets – A Reminder

Research shows that people on diets severely limiting carbohydrates or fat missed out on vital nutrients like iron and zinc, which both help to maintain immunity and energy. Who wants to be lacking when it comes to either of those categories? Not me, not you! Be good to your self and your body by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.