What’s a POP phone?

There is no doubt that cell phones give off radiation, but what about the extent of the possible negative impacts on your health? It seems like the jury is still out, but possible dangers have been no joke (i.e. brain tumors). When it comes to potential negative health effects, experts say even a few millimeters can make a big difference in diminishing radiation risks (see USA today article).

Well if you’re looking for a way to take preventative measures in the most fun way I’ve seen yet, for around $19 or less you can get a POP phone. Yes, this very old school/new school combo can decrease health worries and bring on instant nostalgia at the same time.

To note: it’s compatible with iphones, but adapters for a variety of phones are also available.

POP phone


What do you think? I think I’m getting one! I can’t picture actually using it when I’m out and about (although, that would be pretty comical), but I could definitely see using it at home.

 p.s. If you are concerned about radiation from your cellphone, this is a great and easy tip — Try to remember not to hold your cellphone to your ear until a call is connected. The reason for this suggestion? Cellphones emit the most radiation when connecting to cellular towers.


9 thoughts on “What’s a POP phone?

  1. Well you know ..I’ll be using it out & about..it makes no sense at all to worry about appearances ..when you’re considering your health. ..:)( xxxoo

  2. I think that’s very cool idea. I personally hate speaking on the cell phone and luckily don’t have to do it for work, but my husband is on the phone ALL THE TIME and it does concern me. Guess what he’ll be getting for xmas? :)

  3. I love this idea of a pop phone! Now I want one. I think it would look funny, but cute. I am definitely aware of the radiation from phones and I have mine near me all the time, which I don’t like, but I don’t know what else to do. Thanks for sharing this!

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