Happy Friday!

While Dylan (my  husband) was at the Botanic Garden the other day I asked him to take a picture for me and this what he sent me… Isn’t it so pretty? I just love it.

Photo Credit: Dylan T Price

I hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend. We’re getting ready to make a quick trip to Chicago (my first time visiting the windy city!).


New Partnership & a New Line!

I have some news I’ve been meaning to share… I am now collaborating with House of Steep (soon to be a Tea House and Foot Sanctuary in the VA/DC area) to create part of their signature line of bath and beauty products! Currently, my foot and bath soaks and foot spray are available on House of Steep’s online store amongst a fabulous array of teas, candles and other goodies. I’ve made natural beauty products for years, but this is the first time I’ve done it professionally so I’m really excited to see this dream come true AND to launch my own beauty line as a result.

A couple of shots from creating the bath soaks…

(adding lavender to a batch of the Balanced & Carefree soak)

(some completed Grounded soaks)

The bath soaks are available in 3 varieties (notice each one has a type of tea included):

Balanced & Carefree – A stress-relieving combination of lavender and chamomile tea
Grounded – A stabilizing tonic of patchouli, cinnamon and ginger with oolong tea
Invigorating – A refreshing blend of peppermint and sweet orange with green tea

And the the Cleansing Calm Foot Spray is blend of black tea, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree oils, which is ideal for reducing foot odor and refreshing tired feet.


I hope you might give one (or more) of these a try. If you do, I would love to hear what you think. Thank you in advance for the support!

DIY Air Freshener

Everyone loves a nice smelling space, but unfortunately so many of those lovely smelling air refresheners truly aren’t so lovely at all. Most air fresheners actually contain hormone-disrupting chemicals (like VOCs) and since disrupting your hormones is definitely not on a healthy agenda, I highly suggest making a switch to natural fragrances. One really easy way to make a delicious smelling home fragrance involves just 2 ingredients: essential oil + water.

Combine in a spray bottle:

  • 40-45 drops total of your favorite essential oil(s)
  • 1 cup H2o

And that’s it! You now have your very own homemade, all natural air freshener to mist around your rooms, on your sheets, etc.










Some essential oil combinations I highly recommend (all essential oils mentioned are under $10 per 0.5 fl oz bottle and a little goes a really long way):

  • sweet orange + cinnamon
  • lavender + sage
  • peppermint + tangerine

Your home will smell lovely and your mood will be positively impacted by the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils — definitely a win-win!

Clean Clothes & Beef Fat?

How could the 2 possibly relate? Well it turns out that most dryer sheets are made with animal fat, particularly beef fat! Kind of shocking, right? And in addition to the grossness factor, these animal fats can also dull the coloring of fabrics over time. Not cool.

So to avoid a faded, animal-fat-laden shirt or pillow case (that’s where it really hits home  for me) you can opt for plant derived softeners like the Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths ($5.49) by Method. They use water-based technology (yes, these sheets are actually on the moist side) to infuse the dryer cloths with renewable, plant-based softeners.  Result: Clothes are soft and static free minus the fat and heavy scents.

I would especially recommend this swap for anyone with sensitive skin. Also, if you haven’t already, opt for a detergent that is fragrance free or at the least, naturally scented. I’ve spoken to many people who can’t pinpoint the source of their skin ailments and these switches can often provide a lot of relief.  Easily irritated by strong odors? You’re another great candidate for making these switches. But of course, everyone can benefit from these more natural options!

Fall-Ready Skin Care

As the colder weather crawls in for many of us, there are definitely two things you’ll want to have on hand – lip balm and hand cream.  No one wants chapped lips or rough hands so here are two recommendations to keep them both smooth, bright and well-hydrated.

{Certified Organic Cocoa Powder with a hint of Essential Oil of Lavender & Organic Blueberry Flavor! .15 oz Tube  $3.49}

Eco Lips makes some of the best petroleum-free lip balm on the market with a line that includes both 100% organic options as well as a vegan balm. They have a flavor for everyone, especially since they teamed up with Honest Tea® and Dagoba® chocolate to bring us some seriously fun and unique flavors (like the one above).  AND they have tinted options as well!  For the quality, you can’t beat the prices – lip balms are all under $3.50 and the tinted are under $4.50.

This Exfoliage Natural Hand Cream by TonicCare is normally $24.99, but with the current online sale it’s now $12.99. It’s specifically designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on hands (aka one of the places where aging often shows the most and the soonest). Some of the beneficial natural ingredients include Grape Seed Oil, Algae Extract, Chamomile Oil, Almond Oil and Papaya Fruit Extract.

More fall beauty recommendations to come! Have a great Monday. 

Chia Seeds?

I’ve already gotten a few readers wondering what exactly are chia seeds? These tiny black seeds are actually the most potent plant-based source of Omega-3 (even more than flax seed or wild Alaskan salmon!) They’re also high in fiber and antioxidants and have been touted as ideal fuel for runners and other athletes.  I would suggest using chia seeds similarly to the way you would use flax seeds. Here are some more specific ideas: 40 Ways to use Chia Seeds

p.s. I recently tried GT’s new Cherry Chia flavor and I am in love! Has anyone else tried it yet?