Acure Organics

I recently found a new line and new product that I’m seriously impressed with.  The line is Acure Organics and the product is their brightening facial scrub sea kelp + chlorella growth factor($14.99).

This scrub thoroughly, but not harshly, exfoliates skin through two main ingredients — sea kelp and walnut. After using this scrub your face immediately feels super clean and refreshed, but not dry. The natural ingredients in this scrub actually accomplish 3 goals with 1 product —  the top layer of skin is exfoliated, pores are cleansed and new cell growth is stimulated. The scent? Mild, refreshing and minty. Oh and did I mention the color? Dark, dark green – like shockingly green – it’s quite fun.  This is a strong claim, but I really think it might be the best scrub I’ve used to date!



8 thoughts on “Acure Organics

  1. this is so good…been in the market for a new scrub. The old school St. Ives I use is not cutting it anymore! And thank you for all of the love and support you have given this week…I appreciate it more than you know! xo

  2. How much does that scrub cost?? I’ve just about finished the soap you made me, that I loved..and toner is at very bottom..if you could bring some down ??? ha ha :)xo

  3. This sounds wonderful… I haven’t had much luck with scrubs in the past and I have two “tweens” who could benefit from this as well. Very excited it’s natural! xo

  4. Well I definitely take your word for it! I was just thinking how I need some kind of mask or scrub because I don’t have any! This sounds perfect.

    I hope you’re enjoying this weekend! XO

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