Clear Your Mind

Here are some very doable ways to calm and clear your mind:

  • Take a technology fast – for an hour, for a day, for a week… whatever you can handle. Experience what a difference not being constantly connected makes in your life. It might even be a little unsettling at first because it’s such a foreign concept to us these days. 

Warning: some common side effects of a technology fast include increased free time, more time doing things you truly enjoy and a less anxious state of being.

  • Spend a few hours organizing your closet, which includes getting rid of any clothing that you (1) never wear or (2) doesn’t make you happy. Why are you holding onto anything that fits into either category?! Donate them now and double the rewards for yourself and someone else.
  • Spend an hour or a few hours organizing and decluttering the rest of your home. Clearing your physical environment of unneeded and unenjoyed items can be very liberating.
  • Avoid gossip – talking negatively about your coworker or friend doesn’t leave anyone feeling in a truly great state of mind.  Negative thoughts lead to negative speech and vice versa. Try to keep them both on the positive side and feel the difference.
  • Write down your common stressors and why they stress you out. Then, figure out ways to either remove those things completely from your life or figure how to deal with them differently so they don’t stress you.
  • Catch yourself complaining and STOP! Just STOP. NOW. Everyone complains here and there, but making a habit of complaining only brings you down and often brings your mind to dark places. Try being thankful instead. Turn those common complaints into gratefulness. Example: Annoyed it’s raining? Be grateful you can afford those rain boots and an umbrella.
  • AND don’t forget to:


Have a stress free, joy filled day! ~Annie

7 thoughts on “Clear Your Mind

  1. LOVE this. All of these are so beautifully simple and so very effective. Turning complaints into gratitude is something I have been working on for a while now and wow, what a difference just that little switch makes in everything. Thanks for a great post!

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