Spring Flowers

Happy 1st day of spring everyone! Can you believe it’s spring already?! All of the flowering trees and warm weather in DC are making it easy to believe that winter has definitely ended (and was barely ever here this year).
Photo Credit: Dylan T Price

Hope you enjoy the day!

9 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. Ah! What a stunning photo! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog :) And I love that you live in DC! I’m so happy to have found your blog and can’t wait to follow along. Living/eating as naturally as possible is something I really strive to do but still have SO much to learn! Your blog is exactly what I needed to find right now!


  2. I know it’s all so beautiful isn’t it? I really want to go into the city and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom..but not so excited about the crowds. And I cannot believe how mild winter was here..is it always like this?

  3. Hi Naina! No, this has definitely been a VERY unusual winter in the DC area. I hope you get to see the cherry blossoms up close this year – it’s really worth the trip and the crowds :)

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