Naturally Fresh Deodorant

The two main reasons that I was drawn to trying Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal was performance and price. I kept hearing how great it was and I saw how it flew off the shelves (when I worked as a Body Care Buyer at Whole Foods). In addition, at about $3.99 this deodorant is a comparatively good deal in the natural deodorant section.

I realized how good this deodorant truly is when I went camping for a few days. With only a lake as a shower and a strict scent-free to be bear-free policy, this natural deodorant really showed its true quality. When I’m not in the woods, I do miss having a deodorant with a scent, but this one works well enough that I still continue to use it (as well as my other, more pricey favorite by Lavanila).

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is 100% natural, contains no harmful parabens or aluminum*, and is made with pharmaceutical grade mineral salts. This is a smart natural choice for people with sensitive skin. This deodorant kills odor-causing bacteria while still allowing your pours to naturally detoxify.

*Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals contains the naturally occurring compound Alum, not to be confused with harmful, processed aluminum (Aluminum Zirconium or Aluminum Chlorohydrate). Technically speaking, aluminum is a metal while Alum is a compound.  Many of these processed aluminum molecules can be absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Alum molecules create a barrier against odor causing bacteria and contain a large molecule which does not penetrate the surface of the skin. {via}

Keep in mind: when switching from an anti-antiperspirant deodorant to a natural deodorant, your body might take some time to adjust to this healthier, natural choice…Give it time because it’s well worth the health benefits!

5 thoughts on “Naturally Fresh Deodorant

  1. I’ve been thinking about my deodorant and I actually don’t like it. I think the lack of better choices made me stick with the one I use… If I find this one, I’ll try it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Never tried this… I do remember trying the chrystal that you wet and thinking it wasn’t too effective but this looks like a step up- thanks for sharing! Now if I could only get my husband to go with a natural deodorant instead of the super stinky antiperspirant he’s addicted to :)

  3. Thanks for this! I haven’t seen this brand before, but at that price I will definitely pick it up if I see it. Natural deodorants are typically just one of those things you shell out the big bucks for, but it would be great to have an inexpensive option!

  4. I sent away for a free sample, used it for a few weeks, and now will only use Naturally Fresh. It is amazing how well this works. After working in the yard and building up a sweat, no odor at all. Armpits even feel much cleaner without all that aluminum gunk. So glad I saw this on a Facebook freebie site and sent for a sample.

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