Sun + Perfume Don’t Mix

It’s best to avoid wearing perfume or cologne when you’re going to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time. Perfumes and colognes, especially those that contain oils from musk, sandalwood, citrus, bergamot, and vanilla, can actually be chemically changed by the sun. This chemical change can trigger an allergic reaction in the skin and increase the chance of hyper-pigmentation (age spots).  Yikes! But prevention is easy – the next time you’re headed to the beach don’t forget to use a healthy, natural sunscreen and skip the fragrance!


5 thoughts on “Sun + Perfume Don’t Mix

  1. Hi Annie! yes totally fact I never take perfume along with me on vacations much either. But I actually I had no idea some of these fragrances can be chemically changed by the sun…interesting. Not sure if they attract mosquitoes or not too but thats another reason I don’t wear them on vacation. Hope all is well. Let’s meet up soon . xoxo Naina

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