Product of the Week

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I wanted to start this week off by talking about a company I’ve always wondered about and finally tried. Farmaesthetics is a 100% natural line that uses certified organic herbs, flowers, oils and grains from American family farms to create their wide range of skincare products.

Farmaesthetics’ Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil is my latest favorite product for moisturizing, especially now that the weather is colder and my skin is drier.  The best time to use this incredibly sweet and rich smelling oil is post-shower when you’re still a bit damp and pores are open so the oil is more easily absorbed by the skin.  With just 3 ingredients (sweet soy oil, honey absolute and vitamin E) the Midnight Honey Oil is just like the rest of the Farmesthetics line — a really simplistic yet well thought out and highly effective combination of ingredients from nature.


{Photo Credit: Farmaesthetics}

I can’t wait to visit Farmaesthetics’ flagship store in Newport, Rhode Island one of these days. It looks like such a lovely space and it’s in one of my favorite places.

You can see the store and learn more about the line in this 2 minute interview with the founder, Brenda Brock:


13 thoughts on “Product of the Week

  1. Hello Everyone, Thank you for the wonderful comments about the Farmaesthetics Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil. (This oil is for external use and not for internal consumption). Emollient, deeply moisturizing and great for restoring elasticity to skin. Use in the bath, after shower or in massage- both on the body and the face! Don’t be afraid of putting an organic oil on your face..It will thoroughly absorb & beautifully condition the skin.

  2. Annie-this looks really amazing. Do you really love it? I think I need this for the winter too. The oil, honey, and vit e sounds like a great formula for soft skin. Happy New Year. Let’s plan to meet up in 2013. xx, Naina

  3. I love it! I haven’t heard of this company, but look forward to checking it out. This is what I’m doing here on our farm in a much smaller scale. It so great to discover what wonderful, handmade things are out there and how much beauty one can create naturally!

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