The Story of Tea

As a lover of pretty much any and all teas, I really enjoyed coming across this infographic this morning and thought it was worth sharing!

Do you drink tea? If so, what’s your favorite?


10 thoughts on “The Story of Tea

  1. I love tea! We drink all types all the time around here. The kids love Celestial Seasoning’s Herbal Teas. I drink various black teas and my husband drinks Earl Grey non stop. We even sell tea now!
    We don’t drink soda or other stuff. Juice happens when I make it from the excess fruits in season, but that’s usually it. I have two kids that like milk, but otherwise it’s water by the gallon and tea.
    This is a fun graphic!

  2. Love this infographic! We are total tea nuts in our house and working at a tea house a couple years back gave me a whole new insight into how amazing tea can be! Our son loves all the Celestial Seasonings herbal teas (especially the berry zingers), but right now I’m loving spiced mandarin oolong tea. So delicious!

  3. Zaytinya has this amazing apricot marigold cinnamon tea that is so delicious, fragrant, naturally sweet and has a beautiful rosy gold color. It was so sweet that I accused them of putting honey in it without telling me! However, they insisted no, it’s just the tea. They told me later they source their tea from Teaism, a tea shop in DC – it’s worth making a special trip just for that. Perfect for winter :)

    1. Hi Jaime! Thanks for the fun comment. I have tried that tea at Zaytinya too and loved it!! Teaism is sooo great – for tea AND delicious, healthy food :) I had no idea Zaytinya got their tea from there! Very cool :)

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