The Story of Tea

As a lover of pretty much any and all teas, I really enjoyed coming across this infographic this morning and thought it was worth sharing!

Do you drink tea? If so, what’s your favorite?


Naturally Soothe a Sunburn

I know it’s a little late for a sunburn tip, but there’s still sunny weather in some parts of the world plus there’s always those tropical vacations! Next time you catch a few too many rays, try this natural remedy – apply a washcloth soaked in cold black tea to the sunburned areas. The tannic acid from the tea will calm the inflammation and some studies say it even helps prevent cancerous cells from forming. After applying the tea compress, cover the tender spots in an all natural aloe vera gel (it shouldn’t be neon green) or even better, break off the leaf of a live plant.


Black Tea & Your Feet

You or someone you know (or maybe even a four-legged friend) have issues with foot odor? You really don’t have to answer that, but here is a quick, natural remedy:

  • How to: Soak your feet in a bowl of very black tea* (like Lipton or Red Rose, etc) for about 5 minutes. *Make sure you really let the tea steep (get dark)

Why does this work? The tannins in the tea change the pH of your skin and should eliminate the odor!


Natural Fact of the Day

All types of tea, whether white, green, black, or oolong, come from the very same plant (the Camellia sinensis). A tea’s “color” classification is determined by the processing of the leaves from field to cup. No matter the selection, tea is packed with antioxidants and a delicious beverage hot or cold. Personally, my favorites are iced green tea with a splash of lemonade, hot jasmine green tea or black tea with a teaspoon of honey and a splash of organic milk.  What’s your favorite? If you don’t know, broaden your tea horizons and try some new varieties today!