2 Perfect Summer Moisturizers

With warm weather upon us now and summer right around the corner, I thought everyone would appreciate hearing about these two lotions I am loving right now…

The first is one of my latest finds – an organic jasmine + neroli body lotion by kō denmark (if the name sounds familiar,  you might have seen their recent feature in GOOP). As you would expect, this lotion has the soothing, light floral scent of jasmine (and neroli, but more jasmine I think). It is extremely light weight – you definitely get the feeling that aloe is the #1 ingredient – and it absorbs sooo quickly.  I like the “100% simple” on the label – it truly is with a perfect lineup of natural ingredients and no parabens, perfume, sulfates, mineral oil, or artificial colors.


Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Body Lotion with Cocoa and Cupuaçu Butters is another perfect option for the warmer weather. The scent alone just screams summer/vacation with dreamy aromas of cocoa and vanilla.  Other key reasons I love it for summer (and anytime of year) include its non-greasy consistency, quick absorption, and it is clinically proven to keep skin moisturized for 24 hours! That’s a strong claim, but after using it for a few weeks now, I am now a believer.


Blemishes Be Gone…Naturally!

Here is my take on three natural blemish treatments:

  • derma e Very Clear® Spot Blemish Treatment by derma e is such an excellent all-around treatment for problem skin. It has ingredients like tea tree, willow bark, chamomile, lavender and rosewood to fight bacteria while also reducing redness and inflammation. This treatment definitely clears up existin g blemishes and prevents new ones. I really love that this product goes on clear and that you really can’t over do it. No matter how much or how often I put it on, it never left my skin feeling dry. It is truly an excellent breakout treatment for all skin types. I have also been using the Very Clear® Cleansing Scrub, which helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin, making it a perfect precursor to the blemish treatment. The Very Clear® line also has a cleanser and moisturizer if you like using a complete skin care line. This skin-clearing formula costs about $11.50 and is definitely well worth the reasonable price.
  • Aubrey Organics Aubrey Organics Amino Derm Gel Clear Skin Complex has a light and fresh citrus scent and also goes on clear. It has great natural ingredients like burduck, sage, ivy, sea salt and organic lemon peel. This complex successfully dissolves dirt and oil deposits on the skin, leaving pores clean without drying out the skin. It is a great choice for adults with problem skin, as well as teenagers. As with most breakout treatments, the best time to apply this complex is before bed so it can get to work while you get some rest. Aubrey also makes a 3-step skin care line for oily skin, as well as a Natural Herbal Seaclay Mask that is ideal for balancing and purifying oily skin. Aubrey Organics makes skin care lines for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. The Clear Skin Complex can be used in combination with any of the lines and it only costs about $7.95 for a 2 oz tube.
  • Burt’s BeesBurt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick has a rolling applicator, which applies the liquid treatment directly and easily to the skin. This treatment is completely clear so it can even be applied under makeup. I would suggest this blemish treatment to people with oily skin rather than dry skin since it contains alcohol (from yellow corn). Some of the therapeutic ingredients include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, and fennel oil, which is the overriding scent of the treatment. I do have to warn that this treatment can sometimes burn or tingle a little bit, but my skin did not show any signs of irritation after the initial application. However, both the derma e and Aubrey treatments gave me more obvious improvements in problem areas within one night of use. Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick retails for about $8.50.

No matter what blemish treatment you choose, it’s always best to go natural because these treatments are less harsh and use a more holistic approach. Also, remember to leave blemishes alone as much as possible! Easier said than done, but please resist the attempt to be your own personal esthetician and put one of these natural blemish treatments on instead!