Cold Feet? Natural Remedy Failure

As the weather is getting chillier, I was excited to try this interesting and easy natural remedy — If your feet tend to be on the cold side, try sprinkling some cayenne pepper inside your socks. Supposedly this should help your feet warm up because it encourages increased blood flow.

So this morning I finally remembered to put a little cayenne pepper in my socks because of course, I had to see if it actually worked and how messy it was (it’s SO messy), etc before I recommended it to you. Well, I would definitely NOT recommend this. My feet are not even feeling a little bit warmer 1.5 hours after spicing up my socks, BUT the sole of my right foot is currently on fire.  And not in a warm, pleasant way. It feels like my foot just ate a way too spicy hot pepper.


Bottom line: I would keep the cayenne pepper out of your socks, but I would put it in your next stir fry or soup because it will help to get the circulation going and warm you up internally.

Ok, I gotta go, my right foot needs a glass of milk. This is bad news. Have a great weekend!