Fish Oils – Part II

I should have added to the previous post that a fishy smell and fishy burps are often the unpleasant side effects of a fish oil supplement that is RANCID. I know – how could I have left that out?! Taking rancid fish oil is clearly not what anyone is aiming for so definitely opt for a high quality supplement (suggestions in previous post).In addition, fish oil supplements stored in dark bottles in the refrigerator are less likely to be rancid. I’m guessing there might be some people throwing out their supplements and getting new ones right about now…¬† :) It’s worth the expense though!

Tonight’s Dessert: Fish Oil?!

It’s really hard to believe that anything involving fish oil could be even a little bit tasty, but this blend by Barlean’s actually tastes like a treat. I know – shocking. Even after going through a couple of bottles, I still can’t believe this is really a fish oil supplement. So not only does this one taste good, but some possible benefits of Omega Swirl include¬†improvement in skin, hair, and nail quality, as well as heart health and hormonal balance. What’s not to like about that list?

Photo Credit: Barleans Organic Oils, LLC