Did You Know?

Did you know that having the treadmill on an incline of 0 is actually equivalent to walking slightly down hill? I had no idea and I was quite shocked. So it turns out that in order to be walking on the equivalent of a flat surface we should be setting the incline to 1.0. Good to know!


Exercise has never been this easy!

Yes, these “anti-shoes” by MBT Shoes really are as cool as you were thinking. I have been so, so curious about what they would be like. My initial thought when I put them on my feet: moonshoes! (Anyone else ever own a pair??) Granted, wearing these are not equatable to having mini trampolines strapped to your feet, but they definitely give you an unstable, bouncy, air to your step. The first time I tried walking in them, I could immediately feel my entire legs getting a workout (so cool!) It was so different from how I typically feel walking in sneakers (not even speed walking could illicit these feelings of muscle engagement!) Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or an exercise phobic, I really think everyone and anyone could enjoy and benefit from this unique footwear. These “anti-shoes” literally move you and make you want to move.  They’re actually fun. When was the last time you bought shoes or sneakers that were fun? Never. Exactly. I don’t think I’ll stop getting excited to take a walk in these (even if it’s just to take out the garbage).

Photo Courtesy of MBT