Spring Flowers

Happy 1st day of spring everyone! Can you believe it’s spring already?! All of the flowering trees and warm weather in DC are making it easy to believe that winter has definitely ended (and was barely ever here this year).
Photo Credit: Dylan T Price

Hope you enjoy the day!

Happy Friday!

While Dylan (my  husband) was at the Botanic Garden the other day I asked him to take a picture for me and this what he sent me… Isn’t it so pretty? I just love it.

Photo Credit: Dylan T Price

I hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend. We’re getting ready to make a quick trip to Chicago (my first time visiting the windy city!).

Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

It’s always so nice to have fresh fresh flowers in your home, isn’t it?

Well I recently came across two easy ways to keep blooms around even longer:

  1. Dunk buds in room temperature water before putting them in a vase to prolong their life by a few days
  2. When keeping flowers in the kitchen, keep them away from fruits and veggies since they both release the gas ethylene, which increases the rate at which flowers wilt


Having fresh flowers around is proven to be a natural mood-booster. I love getting mine at Trader Joe’s –  great variety and awesome prices. I especially love sunflowers. What are you some of your favorites?

p.s. Happy first day of summer!!

Bring Spring Indoors!

Flowers are a beautiful and uplifting addition to the home year-round, but right now is prime time for some colorful arrangements that bring the springtime indoors! Holly Becker at Real Simple suggests these 10 Tips for Flower Arranging or be even simpler and just put single flowers in small jars, bottles, etc. Just have fun with it!

Some inspiration I saw on Country Living

Photo Credit: Eric Roth
Photo Credit: Francis Janisch
Photo Credit: Francis Janisch