Oolong Tea: Field to Cup

By far one of my favorite places to consume tea is the Samovar Tea Lounge in the Yerba Buena Gardens of San Francisco.  I love that little piece of heaven so much that I even subscribe to their newsletter (I keep my subscriptions to a bare minimum).  When I received today’s, I just had to share these beautiful pictures of oolong tea being processed on the Big Island of Hawaii. As the newsletter describes, this is a “Hawaii-grown oolong with notes of caramelized raisins, and a mellow sour cherry astringency finish. Good for many delicate infusions.” Sounds interesting, right?

Tools of the Trade

Which Leaves to Pick?
Ready for Picking
Oolong in the Making
Hand Firing
Hand Rolling
Inspecting The Goods: Oolong Getting Rolled & Withered

Tasting Time


Hope this gives you even more of an appreciation for your next cup of tea! Enjoy the weekend. ~Annie

Hawaiian Lavender!

One of my oldest and dearest friends brought me back such a treat from her honeymoon in Maui — a set of body care products (pictured below) and dark chocolate all infused with lavender harvested from the lavender farm (AKL Maui) she visited there! I had no idea that lavender was grown in Hawaii! It’s interesting because the products definitely have a unique lavender scent, unlike any other lavender-scented product I’ve ever smelt (and I’ve smelt a lot).  If you’re ever in Maui, you should definitely check out the the beautiful gardens of Ali`i Kula Lavender. I’m so excited that I got to experience some of the AKL Maui products because it has exposed me to a whole new lavender! (Thanks Nicole :))

Photo Credit: The Lavender Farm Inc.