20 Natural Pain Cures

I just came across this awesome list of 20 Pain Cures You Can Find in Your Kitchen and I just had to share it.

The list includes natural remedies like:

  1. Ginger for muscle pain
  2. Cloves for a toothache
  3. Apple cider vinegar for heartburn (such a great one!)
  4. Garlic for earaches
  5. Cherries for joint pain and headaches
  6. Fish for stomach troubles
  7. Yogurt for PMS
  8. Turmeric for chronic pain
  9. Tomato juice for leg cramps

I can attest to trying most of these natural remedies and they really do work!

Natural Antacids

Put away those TUMS and try some of these little natural wonders. Deglycerized Licorice aka DGL can be an excellent solution to heartburn, acid reflux, upset stomach, and even ulcers.  This natural alternative (to antacids and acid-blocking drugs) helps inhibit excess acid secretion, increases blood flow to gastric mucosal cells, promotes the secretion of the protective mucosal layer, and promotes the growth of new mucosal cells.  In other words, DGL helps keep that protective lining of your stomach in good shape.

I like the original DGL by Enzymatic Therapy. If you can’t bear the taste of licorice, there’s also a chocolate flavored variety.  Simply chew 1-2 tabelts 20 minutes before meals and/or before bedtime.

I have seen friends and family find such relief with DGL. I hope you or someone you know might benefit too!


**To date, deglycyrrhizinated licorice is not known to induce any side effects. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have kidney/liver problems then licorice-containing supplements aren’t for you.  Also, the reason the licorice is “deglycerized” is to avoid raising blood pressure, but people with high blood pressure should still probably stay away as well.