Green Tea Face Mask

This is such a simple mask that is excellent for infusing skin with antioxidants and reducing inflammation.

How to:

  • Simply combine the contents of one tea bag of green tea with high quality H20 (for normal skin), whole milk (for sensitive/dry skin), or apple cider vinegar (for oily/blemish-prone).

I saved the bag from a cup of green tea I made earlier (love making something even more useful and beneficial!) and I tried it for the first time last night. While it didn’t create as much of a paste as I hoped, it stayed put and definitely seemed to have a positive affect on my skin after leaving it on for just 5 minutes.

I like to do a face mask AT LEAST 1x or 2x per week. When was the last time you did a face mask?


For Baked Potatoes, Bagels & Your Face!

Here are 2 more easy, natural masks to add to your beauty routine! Both masks are excellent for reducing redness as well as moisturizing and refining skin.

If you have sensitive skin, try this single ingredient mask twice a week:

  • Apply a tablespoon of full-fat sour cream to skin for 20 minutes.

Why it works? The lactic acid gently smooths skin and improves textures. This is a great alternative for people who react badly to store-bought masks.

Another similar option:

  • Apply a tablespoon of full-fat cream cheese to skin for 20 minutes.

My mom actually told me to do this one jokingly when I was complaining about dry skin.  I laughed at first, but gave it a try (remembering that my mom’s beauty suggestions for me always seem to work best). She was right, again! Definitely opt for the full fat version for best results and organic, if possible.

Rosehip ice cubes!

The next time you’re looking for an easy way to to give your face a healthy lift, make some rosehip ice cubes! First, brew a pot of strong rose hip tea (packed with vitamin C). Then pour the tea  into an ice tray and let it freeze. When your skin needs some refreshing,  just wrap one of the cubes in a handkerchief (or a tissue will do) and massage it over your face to release nutrients that will perk up skin while countering puffiness.