Herb Superstar: Oregano

Did you know that a half teaspoon of dried oregano has the antioxidant benefits of a spinach salad? It does! And aside from it’s super high levels of antioxidants, it also acts as an expectorant – clearing congestion – and it can also improve digestion!

I use dried oregano a lot in sauces, soups and stir fries, but I don’t think I have ever had fresh oregano in a meal until this past weekend when my husband made quite possibly the best greek salad I have ever had. Let me tell you – I have SO been missing out. The fresh oregano, dill and parsley gave the salad SUCH incredible flavor along with a powerful boost of antioxidants. I am officially all about the fresh (and dried) oregano now!

Are you a fan of oregano? What are your favorite uses for it?