Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

This is the first of hopefully many more plants to come in our new, much sunnier home. Do you recognize it? It’s a Peace Lily and we got it for only $7.99 at Trader Joe’s last week. But not only is it pretty and nicely priced, it’s also one of the best plants for purifying indoor air.
(I made the clay pot back in high school)
Top 10 anti-pollutant plants rated best by
  1. The Feston Rose plant
  2. Devil’s Ivy
  3. Phalaenopsis
  4. English Ivy
  5. Parlor Ivy
  6. African Violets
  7. Christmas Cactus
  8. Yellow Goddess
  9. Garlic Vine
  10. Peace Lily



New Addition to My Plant Family

This is my new ivy plant (thank you husband!). Ivy is supposed to be pretty easy to take care of and it’s said to improve indoor air quality – 2 great attributes of any plant! :)

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