A Natural Fragrance for Men & Women

Korres is known for their high quality natural formulations and they did not disappoint with their new line of fragrances. I’ve tried several natural scents before, but none of them have had the complexity and staying power (like conventional perfumes) the way this one does. The name – Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood Passion Fruit – is at the center of this natural aroma, but there are also top notes of sandalwood, anise and vanilla, with a base of white chocolate, peach and green hop. Sounds a little sweet yet earthy, not overly feminine or masculine, right? Well it is meant to be a unisex scent and now having tried it out on both my husband and myself, I definitely agree! It can totally work for both men and women, and the scent really lasts. Personally, the box alone was a huge draw for me. I just love the structure, the illustrations and the detailed description of natural ingredients that comprise the scent.

I also recently tried Korres’ new organic skincare line, which I will review very soon!